Tuesday, 2 August 2011

On the Move

Regular readers will know I've been on a long journey and actually feel a little bit like I'm getting somewhere. Life has become a little busy hence I have had trouble finding time to post as often.

I'm at the point where I am getting to where I want to be. I have a new motivational blog out there, that puts me in the public domain. There are specific reasons that I do not want this blog to go public, so I can not link my new log here. Anyone that has been following me, I will drop by and let you know my new location.

I know I have a few loyal followers out there who are anonymous or follow by automated feeds. I'm afraid if you want to find me you'll need to send me your details through and I'll contact you individually. I will switch moderation on so your contact details won't be published.

I'd like to thank you all for your support, its been quite a journey so far and your comments have been invaluable. I hope you're able to join me for the rest of the journey.