Monday, 11 April 2011

Time Flies By - 12 weeks and counting.

Aside from the fact that the phrase "Time Flies By" makes me want to continue with the lyrics "when you're the driver of a train and you sit on the footplate their and back again....."

Those from a certain age will recall the watch with mother TV program called Chigley - if not please google it - it's children's entertainment in its prime.   The Train Song

Chigley is just a distraction.

I'm posting to update you that having being told about my job moving location about 3 weeks ago, when i was told it would be from the beginning of April I'm still waiting to find out when exactly it will go.

This is good news for me. I have the option to go on a 3 month trial. I'm doing the trial because I don't want to leave work (if I leave) until October. Today marks the earliest date by which I need to start the trial. Everyday that passes means one less day that I have to work in the alternate location.


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  1. I remember Chigley and Camblewick Green and yes even Trumpton!

    and I too find that song creeping into my head when someone says "time flies by..."

    Hope things work out for you.