Sunday, 22 May 2011

Envy in Coaching

Envy is the art of counting the other fellow's blessings

instead of your own

Some time ago, I mentioned my own Coach. Most coaches have their own coach. Mine was a catalyst in me making the decision to set up a coaching practice. I couldn't have praised her high enough at the time.

Yet, she very suddenly lost interest in me when I undertook my coaching training. She started cancelling lunch dates and paranoia kicked in. Hubby tried to convince me there was nothing in it.

After a string of broken lunch meetings, I took what I would consider the cowards approach. I wanted the conversation to be face to face but this was proving impossible. SO I sent her a very nicely worded email. Her reply confirmed my worst fears. We live in a small town and she didn't like the idea of a coach setting up along side her.

I found this a bit hard to swallow. I've found that every other coach that I have come across has wanted to help/support and share. I'd got visions of joint projects and specialism referrals particularly as she is NLP trained and I am not.

It is of course her choice to do so and I have accepted it. I believe she is very insecure.  Strangely I envy her position in that she is ahead of me in setting up her business, and has not had to pay for her own coach training.  Perhaps I value my training more because I have funded it. 

This all took place in December and I accepted it until now.....

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  1. If society only allowed one of everything - one service, one business, one trade - it would just be the biggest monopoly ever. And I know what you think about monopoly... :-)

    Just because someone got there first does not mean they're automatically better than you. The 'copyists' coming behind learn from their mistakes and replicate their successes. Much as I sometimes think there should be, there is no intellectual copyright. You have every right to choose the same path direction as anyone else. We live in a free market economy - customers will gravitate to the best package for them. Be it about price, service, location, courtesy, openness, quality or usually a combination of some or all. You are in the lovely position of being able to control all of the above. Build it - and they will come. XFB M