Monday, 15 November 2010

An apology - busy times

I'll start by apologising for being lazy with my blog lately.

Its no excuse but I've been busy. Next weekend is my third and final workshop for the coaching course. Its my final assessment too. So I've been spending every spare minute going over my notes and making sure I am familiar with various questioning techniques and listening skills etc

I'm not particularly worried about it.......yet! Ask me on Sunday!

As a result my house is a mess - and I mean a mess. 3 inches of dust everywhere and an inch of dog hair on the carpet. Washing up piling up in the kitchen too.

I am sure it will all settle down after my assessment. I will have 3 essays to write, Christmas shopping to do, friends coming for the weekend. It can only get better can't it?


  1. If you get overwhelmed by it all - CALL ME!

    A good friend helped me out when it all got just a bit too much in Planet Polergirl and I'd be only too happy to return the favour.

    Never underestimate the power of a friend at the other end of the telephone.

    It really can make the difference between sink or swim.

  2. P.S. Best of British an' all that. I'm sure you will wow the examiners with your knowledge.

    I believe in you. Now go and believe in yourself. . .

  3. Friendship features highly in my values. I believe a great friendship is priceless and should always be treasured.

    I believe... I believe...!

  4. will definitely get better. Thank you for popping over to mine. Much appreciated. I'm trying really hard to visit other people's blogs and hope to pop by much more often. :)