Tuesday, 23 November 2010


For those of you who have been with me from the start, you will know the agony I have experienced in working out what I was going to do, what course was going to be best and then finding the time and effort to settle into a course.

Its been a brilliant journey, and one that finished in live coaching assessments on Monday. It was a very interesting experience and the feedback exercise was enlightening too.

I'm over the moon because I've passed. I now have a Barefoot Certificate in Personal and Business Coaching.

And I'm sad too. Its the end of an era and I've met some incredible people including one very special lady who I may do some associate work with.

Now I need to plan, pull together my website get some business in through the door and write my essays so that I can turn my Barefoot Certificate into a Post Graduate Certificate in Coaching.

Here goes......


  1. congratulations and well done XX

  2. sorry for being late, but congratulations! you deserved to pass and i think that you'll really help people improve their lives.

    good luck for the journey to come :3