Friday, 23 April 2010

Careers Advice Service - Episode II

It hardly seems any time at all since I last spoke to the Career's Advice Service but its been over a month and they rang me today to see how I am getting on.

Its good, I can actually say I've made some progress. The very fact that I knew they would be ringing me today has spurred me on to make a decision.

The dilemma (to save you re-reading old blog pages) was whether or not I wanted to train as a counsellor or a coach. Although similar in terms of personal skills, they are very different approaches and I need to train differently. Training of course means out-laying money and time. Both of which I have very little spare!!!!

So its official. I am going to be a life-coach.

Now that is a goal! I guess I need to give it a deadline. I thought 2 years. End of March 2012. Spring. That fit with green-shoots.

Perhaps I'm being to easy on myself. Maybe too hard. I guess that's something i'll share with you when I know myself.

In the immediate future, I need to find out more about the training side. There are so many life coaching courses out there and I have so many questions about them.

How do I know if they are any good?
How do I know if they will be recognised qualifications?

I've agreed a goal with the Career's Advice Service of reviewing this in 4 weeks - I'd better crack on.


  1. Good luck. I know, just know, you will succeed in this x

  2. P.S. Meet you at Wasdale ?

  3. PG you will always be welcome