Thursday, 22 April 2010

How to feel better

As a new blogger I am really starting to see the advantages of blogging.

Take today for example. I don't normally post today, but I'm sooo brassed off with work. I finish work quite early and am almost always home before hubby. There's no-one home to talk to.

So I get home, grab his royal doggyness and we stroll in gorgeous sunshine. Almost guaranteed to make me feel better. Not today. But grabbing a pen and paper did the job.

We found a nice bench, and in filling one side A4, I successfully put all my frustration into the crisp white paper. Its the diary I don't keep. All I had to do tonight is type it up.

Q - So what has frustrated me so much?
A - The people I work with.

I'm the sort of person who cares about others. I'm interested in what they do at the weekend and what's going on in their lives. I care. I used to work in customer service and I thrived on it. I loved helping others. I can see a purpose in it. Now I work in a pointless job with people who (and this is a generalisation) are full of their own self importance because they produce reports and spreadsheets.

Pah! So who cares really? I have some stuff to sort out about courses and in a couple of years I will be free and have a new career. One that helps ans supports others.

I want to fill my life with like minded people.

Tomorrow I have the day off, that makes a lovely long weekend when I can catch up with like minded, caring people.

I can't wait.

Phew - now I do feel better.

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  1. That sounds so much like me, I could have written that post!