Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Trust - is it a leap of faith?

Something happened today. It doesn’t matter exactly what, and it doesn’t matter who was to blame, but it really got me thinking.

TRUST! Its one of my values. Maybe that’s why I expect others to give it as much respect as I do. Is that why I’m disappointed when someone I hold dear uses the word, but because they don’t place the same importance on it, they let me down?

Perhaps I expect too much. Other people will of course have different values than me. That doesn’t mean they think any less of me – does it?

So, I am left with this thought – How do I ensure that I instil trust in others? I am going to need to do this if I am going to counsel or coach. Will I expect my clients to take this leap of faith?


  1. Trust - "to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something".

    "I trust you not to cheat on me" or "I trust you to make dinner while I am at work" ?

    Cheating on someone or stealing from them are huge breaches of trust that can have life changing consequences. Not making dinner when trusted to do so generally does not have the same consequence.

    It is horrible being let down by someone you trust. And it is horrible knowing that you have let someone down who has trusted you.

    Humans are fallible, and life and circumstances are ever changing, therefore is it realistic to place 100% trust in anyone other than ourselves? We can only make the choices that we believe are right at the time, and if they don't turn out to meet our expectations then we can choose to make the same decisions, or to change them, next time around. Either way is the right way, provided you were comfortable with your decision at that time.

    I think?

  2. However perhaps the person who steals also has their own good reasons, maybe they are very troubled and need our help not our anger.

    But I disagree with your comment about 100% trusting ourselves. I trust myself to stick to my diet. I am constantly letting myself down.

    Snowdrop x