Thursday, 31 March 2011

Making Sense of Things

Two weeks have flown by since I was told my job is moving 32 miles away. I guess for many people 32 miles will seem like nothing. For me it means losing 3 hours a day so I can travel to work. Only a third of that journey is by train.

Each way the journey is 30 mins in the car, 30 on the train (not really enough time to snooze) and 1 20 minute walk.

So the positives are - more exercise, some reading time.
The downsides, less time at home, in bed, at the gym, walking my dog.

In fact my whole work life balance will be out of kilter.

I have taken stock though. The alternative looks OK. There is an offer to work a three month trial - which I'm going to do. It has longer term financial benefits for me which I'm not going into here.

I then, can go back to my original office in my home town and look for other jobs. There is a chance I will find something suitable, right grade, money, skills and hours and if so great.

If not, then I get paid severance

, leave after 22 years and start my new career. Really get into my business and go for it.

Its very scary and exciting all in one.

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