Sunday, 5 June 2011

Over the Moon

My last two posts have seemed to be a little bit of a moan. So I'd like to focus on what's going well at the moment.

Firstly Hubby has been putting some effort in on the groundwork to his photographic business. He's had some really good publicity lately and sold 4-5 prints yesterday.

My coaching website is up and running and looks great. The feedback has been brilliant. I'm sorry I can't share this with you due to the anonymous nature of my blog.

Despite my boss telling me my job was moving in April, I'm still here - at least for the time being.

I've started a new sideline. The coaching business will take a while to establish and if I take redundancy I will need a quicker source of income and quite frankly I don't want to go straight back into employment. I've decided to cater for our furry friends and make home made dog biscuits. Its a sideline that I can manage a day a week and it won't interfere in building up my coaching business. I've already sold some on Ebay AND had an enquiry from a pet shop so it seems I'm in business.

I joined a local coaching circle, so i can have a good catch up with some fellow coaches on a regular basis.

I've joined a local therapists group. They meet by monthly and have charity events which will be a great way for me to network.

I've sorted my action plans. To be frank my office was a bit of a mess and I've tackled it and all outstanding items are firmly embedded in Excel.

I feel fab!

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