Saturday, 20 March 2010

Careers Advice Service

My mind went into overdrive. Previously every time I thought about doing something about my new career, my head would fill of thoughts. What if I get it wrong? Do I want to do counselling or coaching? What if I’m no good at it? What about the flexibility I have at work? Where will I find the money to fund my training? Where will I find the time?

Following the parts integration, whenever I start to think these thoughts, my mind just turns it around and dismisses the negative thoughts. So much so that I finally took action. Twice previously I have completed a careers questionnaire on the Careers Advice Service (CAS) website. Twice, I’ve taken a note of the number to ring them. This time, I finally did it. An hour later, I have an action plan to help me work out which route I want to take and an agreed date when the CAS will ring me again. CAS, hour well spent.

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  1. a fresh perspective helped you, and one day soon you will be able to help others out in exactly the same way. Good luck with your plan