Friday, 26 March 2010

Looking Back - Falling Out of my Tree

When I took that job 10 years ago – everything changed. I’d been top of my tree for a long time. I knew everything I could know about my old job, I could do it backwards AND standing on my head. Suddenly I found myself starting from scratch, learning new things. It challenged my brain in a way I’d not been challenged for a long time, and I found it very hard.

I don’t know when and how it started, but I began to loose confidence. Maybe I made a mistake and took it to heart. I can be very hard on myself at times. But I started to loose confidence. My boss didn’t help. He’s a nice guy, but by his own admission his skills don’t lie with people. He finds it hard to encourage, motivate and support.

I’d fallen from the top of my tree

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