Sunday, 28 March 2010

Link - Self Esteem

I found this self esteem test on the web. I took the test - it seems rather spot on.

"When your self-esteem is in good shape you feel great and life seems fantastic. But when your self-esteem is low you start to struggle with yourself and use up a lot of emotional energy - and your quality of life ALWAYS suffers as a consequence."

Apparantly I'm only tapping into 51% of my self esteem potential and much of this is around social and work confidence. Let me know what it says about you.


  1. Just done the test and scored 64%. My worst area by far was around social and work confidence at only 6%!

  2. 81% - that was fun. My weak area is in the looking after self and health area- and a bit of a wobble on self image. These are very much known dodgy areas and are a work in progress- especially at the moment!

  3. 57% for me - a bit higher than I thought it would say to be honest!! My lowest area was 'striving for a sense of security'.

  4. Well you all seem to have done better than me!!!!