Saturday, 6 March 2010

Square Pegs

I've been very unsettled. My head's been telling me something different to my heart for a while. A square peg in a round hole. I've been talking about a complete career change for some time but I've not really known how to go about it. I've made half hearted attempts at trying to find out what I want to do and taken a couple of courses, but if I want to follow my heart then that means significant change and that's been scaring me.

My confidence at work (in a boring office - financial services industry) had dropped to an all time low - when I decided I needed to do something about my rut. Just over 12 months ago I found myself a coach at work, and she has been an inspiration. Our sessions have enabled me to pick up my shattered confidence and deal with the voices in my head that have been telling me "I can't".

In our last session, she tried an NLP technique called "parts integration". I tend to over analyse a lot and I didn't expect it work. But it did - big style and this is the start of my journey. One that I don't know where it will lead and one that I hope you will journey with me. Over the next few weeks I intend to diarise my journey to date and then together you can join me as my future unfolds.


  1. Welcome to blog land! I'm honoured to be your first follower. It sounds like exciting times are ahead for you, I hope you reach the places you want to be (then maybe you could send me directions how to get there too!)

    Good luck x

  2. Thank you Polergirl, welcome!