Thursday, 7 October 2010

All work and no play?

Already its seems that I am letting my journal slip slightly. I've not written in it for 4 whole days - its the very thing that gives me my blog fodder. I almost missed blog posting yesterday completely.

My life has become a whirl of work, sorting volunteer clients, trying to sort some of the business and web stuff out and doing my homework, re-reading course notes, ordering books and filling in university forms. At last after working 12 days on the trot I've now reached the weekend. Hubby has got stuck in and tidied the kitchen and we're planning to pain the conservatory.

I do know that all work and no play makes Snowdrop very dull, so we took His Royal Doggyness to the local canal side pub for a baguette and chips tea. For 13 years of his life I've never fed him anything that might be harmful, but I've relaxed this rule in the last year. At almost 14 I'm not sure a handful of chips will do him any further harm.

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