Friday, 22 October 2010

Book Review - Coaching with NLP - How to be a master coach

As I may have mentioned previously - I'm not a big reader. If I'm lucky I managed 3 books a year and a handful of walking/cookery magazines.

I'm rather horrified that I need to read, interpret and analyse books to enhance my essays.

I have a reading list provided by my course and am desperately searching book shops to try and identify the easy reads. In the mean time I picked a book that's not on the list. This is called "Coaching with NLP" by Joseph O'connor & Andrea Lages. So I thought I'd offer you a book review.

Whether you're into coaching or NLP, this is a great read. I don't consider myself a big reader, but this book has a lovely layout and is well illustrated with coaching models.

Its both an excellent introduction to coaching or to NLP. What I particularly liked is the resource section at the back, contains a number of tools to use with clients.

I managed comfortable to fit it into a bust schedule ans still read it in two weeks, however it is also a book you could dip in and out of, or take more time to really get to grips with all of the aspects.

Thoroughly recommended.

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  1. If ever you are up in the Lakes come and see our NLP library. It is massive. I think husband has every book on NLP and hypnotherapy that there has ever been including this one. You would be most welcome to come, have a coffee or three and just scout through them. He is threatening to get a massive NLP encylopedia shortly- apparently it is 'the biz'