Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My First Volunteer Client

Ooh, today is my first official volunteer coaching sessions. It certainly didn't go as expected. I knew VC wanted a new career but things got so bad at work she was carrying her resignation letter in her handbag.

So when I coached her, we were dealing with why she'd not handed it in rather than where her future lay.

I'm very self critical - we need to remember this!

My structure wasn't as fluid as I would have liked. I dipped into the GROW model and back out again on several occasions.

But I did learn something.

Firstly, not to rush the client. If they want to stay in the 'reality' bit of the model then that might be right for the client.

Secondly it brought home exactly how important it is not to advise the client. Imagine if I'd said "what I'd do is hand in the letter" - the possible consequences of getting it wrong are huge.

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