Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Flinging yoya mats - its the new sport

I've had a brilliant 4 days on my coaching course, full of highs and lows. Its a post graduate certificate so I've loads of reading to do and the writing needs to be formulated in a certain way. This will take some time and is one of the bigger challenges for me.

I guess I will sit down and plan it out in a nice logical way like I do with most things.

Going back to work went ok too. I'd anticipated I might have had trouble changing my mind back from life coach to analytical mode. But it was when I got a bit over emotional at pilates it came as a total surprise to me. I get very frustrated with myself sometimes when I struggle with some of the more difficult moves.

Yes, I know I'm too hard on myself, Yes, I know everyone finds different things hard
but in my head I need to be able to do it.

My poor instructor must have wondered what on earth had happened when I threw down my yoga mat and stamped on it - but she's very lovely and understanding and gave me a big hug.

Now I'm just embarrassed about my outburst.

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