Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Peaked and Troughed.

I've already talked about been on a roller coaster recently, and if I'm honest I knew this was going to happen. Its all the change curve stuff kicking in. I've peaked and troughed.

Day one of my course has been great. I've met great people, had some great practice coaching sessions, some covering the basics that I already know the theory for and others on totally new content, interesting and exciting. I've even learnt a little bit about being a sole trader and how to deal with my tax.

Then day 2 came along. We covered the exam, well course work for the exam. The assessment bit doesn't bother me. Neither does the thought of essay writing. Its the style of reading that's the issue.

Because its a post-graduate certificate I am required to read, understand, challenge and assess what I am reading and then communicate that effectively in an essay or 3. I've never worked like this before. I went straight to denial and I think my actual thought process was "I don't read". In actual fact I do read, 3 novels and half a dozen magazines a year.

I do find non-fiction difficult. Full of heavy language and concepts and then get bored very quickly. How on earth am I going to manage text books.

Fortunately a fellow student grounded me in one of the practice sessions. So I now know I need to crank up my reading, do a bit at a time, plan it and take it from there, but as I'm going to need time to do this, I need to push some of my business plans back a bit to free up some time.

Good stuff this coaching!

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