Thursday, 27 May 2010

A promise is a promise - no matter how mad the idea.

I love holidays, especially those that involve been in my favourite place in the whole world (a corner of England known as the Lake District (Cumbria)).

Its been ages since we've been. We had a weekend last August. We've enjoyed our other holidays in Scotland and Yorkshire and Devon, but absolutely nothing beats a week in the Lakes.

We spent the week with Best Manfriend and Special Friend. Its an environment in which you can relax, where there is no pretence and nothing you say is held against you.

But there's always been something I haven't wanted to do, a mini adventure - camping in the hills, in the wild. I've always been the only one of us not wanting to do it. But in a mad moment last year I promise Special Friend I would. Since then its been the topic of many conversations, Hubby and I have been and invested in the right equipment on the proviso that the conditions had to be spot on. For me a promise is a promise. My recent special birthday was celebrated by treating myself to a sleeping bag for this sole purpose.

When we left, the weather was okay and we pitched the tent in dry conditions. Imagine my horror to waking up the next morning above the snow line. It was a bit of a WOW moment. Had I have known what the conditions offered I would have dug my heals in and not gone, but I missed that bit of the forecast as everyone got carried away with the planning. But in actual fact it was OK. The snow was OK and added to the experience.

The overriding feeling of the day was one of a shared experience, friendship and togetherness - a shared adventure. I have no doubt there will be more.

And I can count on one hand the number of WOW experiences I have had in a lifetime.

Try it - you might like it.

Caravan and Camping: Your Guide to Sites in Cumbria and the Lake District

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  1. wow indeed- and great post. Glad you love the lakes so much. I have lived here for twenty years now... and feel like I own the place .... :)