Friday, 21 May 2010

Where does all my time go?

I am trying to research coaching courses and how to set up a business. But I am still struggling to find the time. Take today as an example.

I get up at 7am, get ready for work, make lunch, throw some washing in.

At 3pm I am sat at my desk eating a rather late lunch, - that 30 mins means that I can ring the bank, the vets and the doctors.

At 4.30pm my office day is done, I pop into town to buy a gift, and go for a piano lesson.

At 6pm, I’m back home, a quick shower and change, a ten minute walk with his Royal Doggyness and appreciation of the glorious countryside on my doorstep.

At 7pm, I sit down to some tea which gives me time to write this. I know I have 30 minutes before attending a Pilates class, pick up Hubby and then meet friends at 9pm. Returning home, I clean my walking boots before going to bed.

It leaves me with 2 options:
Give up on some sleep
Give up working.

I know which I’d prefer!!


  1. It is so important to make the right choice when you want to set out as a coach.There are so many programmes and courses available. On line, modular, residential, combination of all of them...........good luck with research. x

  2. I know what I would rather do!

    It is so difficult to make that step - when you rely on income from a job, even if the job is not for you. Sigh.