Wednesday, 4 August 2010

6 monthly fitness check

Just before I went away, I had a 6-monthly weigh in and measure with my fitness instructor. The news? - a 6lb weight gain and several increases to certain vital statistics, specifically my stomach, hips and chest - exactly where I don't need it - given my already exagerated curves. I can never get trousers to fit properly as my hips are a good 2 UK dress sizes bigger than my waist.

Now, on top of that I have spent 5 days eating exactly what I want to. Ice cream, chips, cakes, not to mention the kebab. (well we were at the seaside). So that's another possible 5 lb weight gain (average weight gain during a week's holiday). That's official then - I am actually a bloater!.

So I have spent the last 3 days strictly dieting, no treats at all - its hell. This is just so that when Special Friend comes to stay we can indulge in chocolate and ice cream guilt free.

Actually, it can be a real sense of satisfaction when I know I'm been good. Its a small reward!


  1. Snort! Teeehhheeee ya big BLOATER! Does that mean all the more ice-cream and cake for ME ME MEEEEEE YIPEEEE (sugar rush takes over and Polergirl whizzes around the house in excited anticipation).

  2. Just as we always suspected... :-)(FBX M sits in Keswick flat bay window and spies Snowdrop. Just coming out of the chippy. And going into Greggs). FBX M

  3. Lol. I feel your pain. I have half heartedly been trying to shift half a stone before my hols so that 13 days free food at Disney doesn't mean a whole new wardrobe in a bigger size when I get home.
    I'm now resigned to celery soup for a month.