Thursday, 26 August 2010

Business Action Plan

Well, it actually wasn't a bad first day back. On a positive note, my Boss valued my opinion enough to ask me what I thought the new team structures should look like (although it may just be because with everyone leaving - I am the team!).

I've taken some time out to draw up a new business action plan, taking me through all the steps I need to take from taking my training course with specifics around finding my volunteer coachees to settling finally on a name for my business and getting business cards printed and a web site set up.

It takes me right the way up to the end of the year and although I will have completed my training by then, I may not yet have my final accreditation - I need to check how long this takes with Barefoot.

Also today, I met with NLP Trainer again. He has some fantastic plans of his own which involves publishing books. His ideas are fantastic and I wish I'd come up with them and I am sure that when he finally leaves my company he will be successful and I am sure there are similar ideas out there I just need a way of coming up with some.

For me, just chatting to him was truly inspirational, motivational and exciting. It spurs me on along my own journey. I am now considering creating mini-books in PDF format around career changes for sale through my web - when I set it up.

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