Friday, 13 August 2010

Business Link

Following much procrastination (there's that word again) - I finally rang Business Link today.

This is an action that has been recommended to me by many people in my network and after quite a bit of diary shuffling at work I've managed I've managed to book an appointment later this month. Part of the problem is they only have 3 appointments a week in my home (and work) town the rest are in the city which is half an hour away which makes taking time out of work so much more difficult.

Had a last minute invite out tonight from Best friend. She's childless for a week and wants to fill her time so was getting together with a group of friends. Trouble is most of her friends are divorcees and whilst not wanting to type cast - when they get together it can be a bit like witches around a cauldron with comments like "all men are the same". I know they're just thinking it'll happen to me eventually. Well it won't! I intend to stay happily married.

I only went because I wanted to learn from previous mistakes. I need to dedicate a bit of extra time to Best Friend. It wasn't a bad night - they all left their broomsticks at home - but Best friend's Friend who wants to be a coach got a bit much after a while - still at least she didn't quiz me about my coaching.

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