Thursday, 5 August 2010

Business Help and Big Ideas

Now I have got my Coaching training course sorted with Barefoot, I need to start thinking more about the business side of things. This is where I need some real help.

I met with a helpful colleague again today.  You may remember Helpful Colleague from a previous post. I wanted to thank her and update her on how I reached my decision over the coaching course. And I thought there was very little to talk about. Before I knew it I'd had an hour and a quarter for lunch and returned to my desk feeling very motivated, enthused and very much in awe of her plans. I can't tell you what they are - its not for me to do so, but what she wants to do is VERY huge and could change people's lives. I'm secretly hoping she'll need an extra pair of hands because its very exciting.

Helpful colleague is forming a very important part of the support network that I am creating, but I feel as though I am taking up all of the time we share as its about me me me. SO, I'm pleased to find out that she has little experience of the internet and wants to start a blog. I'm more than happy to help with that.

She left me with some advice. And that was to get in touch with business Link. And then,

"stop worrying about my name - it will come to me - just keep asking the universe".


  1. It's not just about asking the Universe. It's about asking the Universe with EMOTION. FEEL what you are asking in your very core, then let it go. Don't forget to say 'Thank you' when it delivers.

    Easier said than done, but I'm working on this too.

  2. I did a couple of LIfe Coaching qualifications a few years ago and still have an urge to have my own business, like you.
    More recently I have worked with teenagers with bariers and social problems and I feel it is they who need this kind of help more than anyone.
    I've just been made redundant and there are a dozen ideas flying around in my head.
    Funny how I found your blog.....