Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What a fabulous weekend

Best Man Friend (BMF) and Special friend are here and its been a great weekend. Firstly its been fabulous to see them both, chill with them and walk with them. I love the entertaining side of it too. BMF has always paid me the compliment of coming back for seconds.

But the best part was having a brainstorm around what my business name could be. You may have read in previous posts that I'm struggling a little in getting the name to feel right and be something that no one else is using. Now I have 4 very string contenders. All of which I would feel pretty good about using and aren't registered at companies house and seem like safe internet bets too.

Special Friend and I had a face-to-face coaching session, following on from our telephone one a couple of weeks ago. The men had gone down the pub and two hours had passed before we knew where we were. Again I find it reassuring to see results happening. I CAN do this! It was good also to see some powerful emotions come to play around her goal. I know she will not struggle in realising her ambitions and I am honoured to be her coach.


  1. Good to hear you are making progress

  2. Thank you. Great weekend had by all :-)

    PG x

  3. It was a FAB weekend! It was so many things, in so many ways. As always - thank you. You are wonderful hosts and great friends! And good to hear your comments regarding the company names - happy to help. And just think what your designer could do with colours, typefaces, logos, effects, taglines... :-) FXB M