Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Volunteer Coachees

I've been keeping an eye out for volunteer coachees for the past few weeks. I will need three for when I start my coarse in September.

Special Friend volunteered ages ago, however I am consious that whilst I have done an introductory coaching coarse, I still have much to learn and will be of more benefit to her and her new business once I have completed my training.

However, she was keen to be coached and decided that some coaching now would be better than waiting so we got started. We can't do face to face - so we arranged to chat over the phone. I've been nervously waiting this day - AND excited at the same time. All those doubts going around my head:

"What if I let her down?",
"What if I can't help her?",
"what if she thinks I'm a fraud?"

Of course none of this actually mattered and once I started asking questions then I started to see some of the layers peel away.

What a fantastic feeling because I was beginning to have some real big doubts about my abilities to be a coach and get this business off the ground.


  1. I understand that exact feeling. I had the same thoughts when I did my first coaching session doing my course. It's scary but once you get going it all starts to make sense.
    I had a couple of friends but felt restricted by the fact that I already knew a lot about them, the more rewarding ones were total strangers to be honest.

    Good Luck, you will be fine.

  2. I have no doubts whatsoever you are a fab coach already!