Wednesday, 25 August 2010

That Monday Feeling

It's Wednesday morning and its like a Monday, having spent a wonderful 5-day weekend in the Lake District.

It was everything it should be, waking up to see mist lying over keswick from our elevated camp-site, dry! in the main, a chance to catch up with Special Friend and Best Man Friend and a meal in my fave fave fave! restaurant - marred slightly because I didn't feel too well, but great all the same.

The tent behaved impeccably compared to its Houdini attempt last month. I'm very sad to pack it away this time, it unlikely to see daylight again until Spring.


  1. Don't you believe it (about the tent)! Just think - in another couple of weeks the k*** will all be back at school, the crowds will have gone, the fells will be quiet, the campsites will really really welcome your business and have the space to cope, there will be peace, solitude, time and a table booked at you-know-where! Upstairs this time! FBX M

  2. Some people can really change their tune over night. I know I know. It was the carpet!