Monday, 16 August 2010

Thanks but no thanks?

 Work really seemed to drag today - I couldn't settle into anything. I think it was largely because Special Friend and Best Man friend are coming for the weekend and I wanted to get home to clean and cook.

My work day did have one highlight though. I rang my Mentee who has been assigned through the Backing Young Britain initiative. The idea is to help her to find work. We had spoken very briefly previously and she was very reserved. My biggest fear was that like many others, she had been forced down the mentoring route by over enthusiastic Job Seeker advisers who just want to get people onto programs. Not at all! She was bright and open and really fed up of continually applying for jobs and not even getting a "thanks but no thanks " letter.

She seemed a little nervous - but then I am a total stranger so I decide to use my judgement and dispense with official form filling that BYB suggest, so we just had a good old chat and rapport building session. It seemed to work and we speak again in 2 weeks.

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