Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Believing in Myself

Had an hour with a girl at work today. When I first saw her speak to a group I found her story inspirational. It was her resolve, her never give up attitude that I wanted to tap into when I asked to meet with her.

It was good of her to see me but that's the sort of person she is. She has a part time job and a part time business. Time is a very important commodity. What i wasn't expecting was the reality check she gave me. It was things like making sure that my course has a strong business element, but also checking out some of the competition. See what I'm actually up against now. Are they getting clients. I've been so focussed on sorting out the training that I've never really considered whether or not there is a market for my skills.

Have I been Nieve?

Her second piece of advice was about making sure I had belief. Truly believing in myself and my values and really being focussed on specific goals.


  1. It's been an absolute revelation (in so many ways) reading your blog. I hope you don't mind me hitching a lift? It looks like being a fantastic journey! X

  2. It has and you're very welcome.