Monday, 21 June 2010

Healthy body, healthy mind

I ran into an old colleague at the gym today.  I didn't know she'd been off sick but apparently she's had a nervous breakdown.  This isn't some normally jittery person, this is a naturally strong very capable individual.  It just goes to show what pressures we are all under in the modern lifestyle we're all leading.  Its one of the reasons i believe so strongly in coaching.  If we can all equip ourselves with some of the basic tools we need we'll all be a lot stronger.

I'm very pleased to say that she's well and truly back on the road to recovery and was at the gym because she, like me believes that a healthy mind can stem from a healthy body.  I've always found that by leaving work and heading straight to the gym or my Body Pump exercise class, I can gather all my frustrations on the way and dump them at the gym.  There's a little pile of crap in one corner - just behind one of the treadmills that used to belong to me.

I go home shattered, but with a free mind.


  1. I agree so much about how getting folk equipped with the right tools can make such a difference, and as you say, mind body same system. Hope your plans are developing well X

  2. Lol, this post made me smile! Gyms can be dangerous places with the amount of 'stress dumping' that people do there. You've gotta be careful not to trip over any of it!