Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Trust and Intergrity

What a productive day today!

I started to think about my business values. Amongst the most important to me are Trust and Integrity.

I got home from work today to two phone calls. Alana from New-U responding to my email and answering some of the final questions. No sooner had I put the phone down, than Heidi who has her own coaching business called me. She's been trained by New-U coaching. Alana put me in touch were her.

She absolutely believes in their training methods and she's swayed me towards thinking that it may be a more balanced approach than what Barefoot are offering - though I most say New-U have lost a couple of brownie points for not telling me that she has previously run their training courses for them. Also it seems that full ICF accreditation may be more costly than I first understood.

Also had a good on-line chat with Special Friend. She too has had a productive day and made some disparately needed telephone calls. I really find that chatting to her spurs me on. We've agreed to meet on line again next week and have set some goals. Mine is about speaking to Best Man Friend about designing logos.

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