Thursday, 24 June 2010

Decisions decisions

I'm so thrilled. Someone at work has ordered a box of my truffles.

As money making schemes go, its not going to make me rich. I marketed my truffles as gift boxes of 8 truffles. One batch of truffles is approx 45 truffles, so by the time I've bought all the ingredients, gift boxes etc, I'll break even. Then there's the couple of hours needed to make them.

I really I needed to sell about 10 boxes. Oh well I'll just get fat and become a bloater eating them!!

Barefoot coaching have replied to my email and answered some of my questions. It seems the deeper I dig the more confusing the decision making process becomes.

I may end up tossing a coin!

How does everyone else reach decisions?


  1. I think your mentoring work is a great idea. I started by mentoring at work, later I volunteered with the Samaritans, who provided really excellent training and skills and practice in handling people that I was able to use subsequently when I trained as a life coach. Taking advantage of such opportunities might feel a bit `of course` to your longer-term goal, but it's amazing what you learn and who you meet on the journey !

  2. I've come to realise that the more I think things through and the deeper I delve to find the 'right' answer, the less likely I am to move forward.

    So I've now decided to focus on where I want to be, and just to go ahead and do it whilst I learn along the way. At least that way I can move forward and not be bogged down by confusion.

    I think it's about learning to trust your own judgement.

    Polergirl x