Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Oh what a feeling! - I have a great boss

I'm walking on air! I've taken the decision to tell my granddaddy boss(that's my boss' boss' boss) about my training course. I know there are people that would think I was mad to break some of my cover and that work may throw a spanner in the works but Hubby and I talked it over and ultimately at some point I'll have to declare that I have a second job. Hubby suggested that Granddaddy boss might be supportive. He's a very busy man so I had to book half an hour in his calendar and wait.

I think I was more nervous than when he originally interviewed me for the job i currently hold. But I had taken some time at my desk before hand to consider and structure my thoughts.

I told him all about my own personal disappointment over not been able to do the coaching training through work and how I was going to fund the course myself.

He said some very supportive stuff, confirmed that he had no issues but would check out the form filling side with personnel. He also approached them to see if they would help fund my learning. I didn't think so and I don't think he did either but I appreciated that he gave it a try.

I think he was actually relieved as he may have thought I was building up to telling him I wanted to leave.

He did get an agreement from personnel that if I needed some practice coachees that I could do that in works time - how fab a boss is that.


  1. Well done you ! He sounds a really supportive man, and will probably try and open up extra opportunities for you now he knows where you are going. I received some career counselling that said the more you were willing to be open about where you are headed, the more you find people are willing to help, or they who know a `man who can`, or have new perspectives you can learn from. It seems like you've just proved her point ! Keep up the good work - you are on a roll now.

  2. I think most of us would love a boss like that. When so much of what they can offer us, as employers, is simply down to 'attitude' (that doesn't cost anything) I think it's a shame that most of us reading your blog would say - disappointedly - that our own bosses are sadly lacking. It's good to hear yours is so positive. Make the most of him (in a good way of course :-) MFB X