Sunday, 13 June 2010

Asking the Universe - Part II

I've tried to do most of my posts in chronological order, with the exceptions of the ones entitled looking back.

This tends to mean I'm about 1 - 1 1/2 weeks behind what's actually going on. It helps me to get a better understanding and perspective on my own thoughts. I keep a journal which is written with my thoughts at the time. By the time I write them up for this blog some of the emotions have dissipated a little, others remain as strong as ever.

However this blog post is an extra one. One I've posted especially as a result of a comment I was left on Thursday to the post entitled  Asking the Universe. This post was a light-hearted introduction to a technique that an awful lot of people believe in. I'll leave you to decide wether or not it works for you. But! That single comment has intrigued me more than any other left on my blog.

It was left anonymously, but I suspect that this was done for my protection - not the author. I strongly felt that the author knew something about me and the company I work for. If I'm right, then let me know in some way who you are. If you still want to remain anonymous then so be it - I will respect your wish.


  1. Ooooh, not so sure about this (sorry). By blogging anonymously we are free to express out innermost thoughts / dreams / desires and frustrations. We therefore extend that same right to those who wish to comment (whether we agree or not).

    Personally I think it is best to respect the points of view of those who have taken the time to comment (that doesn't mean you have to agree with them), delete anything that is outright offensive, be glad that people are reading and offering their points of view and leave it at that.

    Just as you wish to maintain your anonymity, perhaps they do to. If you blog about anything that could get you into trouble at work . . .

    . . . DENY IT! :-)

  2. Do not apologise PG. Your opinion is valid and I hope my post comes across as having considered this.

    I would not want to offend anyone or indeed put anyone in an awkward position. If my mystery commenter has done so because they want to remain a mystery then I accept that.

    Hope that clarifies things.