Wednesday, 9 June 2010

The Coaching Academy

I am having to put a little pressure on myself to meet my target of researching my short list of coaching courses by the end of the week. So today I rang the Coaching Academy to find out a little bit about their pricing structure.  What a contrast to Barefoot Coaching.  Whilst on the phone I could picture this rather plastic Barbie Doll type secretary.  (Barefoot had been answered by a very warm and friendly senior executive).

The Coaching Academy prices are a touch on the high side too, but apparently if you attend their free 2 day course then you can get some discounts but only if you sign there and then on the day.

I'm still keen to attend their free course.  Any learning has to be positive I think!.  Its a chance to get a free qualification and meet some like minded people.  But I've been a little bit put off by their full courses which sound more like seminars with 50-60 attending.

You can't deny that they have a good reputation - a large number of practising life coaches have been trained by them.  What I can't work out is whether this is because of their persuasive sales techniques on their free course or whether they are in fact very good at what they do - I'll let you decide.

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  1. Michaela Oldfield19 June 2010 at 13:21

    I was checking my website listing when I noticed your blog. Something made me get in touch, not just the name! If you have time have a look at my website. I have a similar background, 20 years in Finance, L&D and Management Development and made the transition to my own Coaching business. If I can be of any help or share my experience of severing the Corporate cord and setting up a business please feel free to email or call. I think I just want to encourage you and tell you your dream is possible. Good Luck, Michaela