Friday, 25 June 2010

I want to help my friend

Best School Friend replied to my please to meet her for lunch today - She's busy! and doesn't really feel like doing lunch at the moment. What the hell am I supposed to do. With one sentence in an email she has made me feel worthless and helpless.

I feel worthless that the friendship means so little to her. Has she considered that I don't just meet her to talk about her woes. That I may actually have some stuff to share with her. Let's face it, I've seen her once since the beginning of April when she was very upset about splitting up her her now Ex-boyfriend - that's over two months ago.

Since then I've been on holiday, had a wild camp in the snow, started a career change, commenced this Blog - all stuff I'd love to share with her.

And I feel helpless that I know she needs help and support but I can't get close enough to her to even begin to understand what support I could offer.

On a plus note, I got a cheque for £100 in the post today. It arrives once every 5 years from a little endowment policy that Mum took out for me. Thank you Mum I'll add it to the fund.


  1. Why do you allow her thoughts and feelings make YOU feel worthless? Everyone is entitled to their thoughts, feelings and opinions. They may be having a bad day and was too busy or stressed out for lunch.

    That is THEIR problem and THEIR issue.

    YOU have to learn to say. 'Ok I respect THEIR feelings, and will go and enjoy lunch with someone else today, or on my own etc. etc.

  2. P.S. Ultimately, only YOU have control over the way YOU feel. If YOU feel worthless because of someone elses remarks, it is because YOU have allowed them to make YOU feel that way, and that YOU don't value YOURSELF enough to acknowledge that that is only THEIR point of view, and that YOU are still a wonderful human being regardless.

  3. Could not have put it better. But I will try... Back in a bit. BMF X