Monday, 7 June 2010

Barefoot coaching

What do you do when you hate work?

I have first day back blues - well to be honest they're probably ten years rolled into one blues. My holiday was great, exactly what it should have been. A combination of long walks in high places, wild camping in the snow and time spent chilling in coffee shops with friends. In stark contrast, my desk felt like a prison. The vertical blinds in the window were just like prison bars.

A far cry from the freedom of waking up on a mountain in the snow. From my window (the one where the blinds have to stay shut when the sun is out so that people can see their computer screens) I could just glimpse the glorious sunshine outside.

So at lunchtime, I grabbed my notebook, my mobile phone, and found myself a nice little bench in the sunshine next to the pond. And then I made one of those phone calls I'd been procrastinating over. I've been researching some coaching courses over the internet and so just dialled the first phone number from my short list of about ten.

Kim, who answered the phone was fantastic. She understood the difficulty of my situation, where I am concerned that at some point life coaching will become regulated and assured me that as long as a choose a quality course I should be ok. The offer both post and under grad courses in life coaching. I'd not even considered a degree - i'd assumed this would involve full time employment. She was very supportive and the under grad was affordable in terms of money and time. I still need to understand how customers might view the qualification but that's the next step. She also offered me the option to go a long ant attend a day's training with them. I'm going to grab the opportunity with both hands.

I'm really motivated and excited about the phone conversation and now can't wait to call some of the others.

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  1. Sounds exciting - I look forward to hearing how the day went!