Thursday, 10 June 2010

Asking the Universe

"Dear Universe,

My friend says you can help with a problems that I have. Please could you provide me with the money I need (£3,000) to pay for my coaching course. I will need this money by the end of June."

Special friend suggested I gave asking the universe a go. In order for it to work I have to have total faith in the Universe to help me.

So I went into my local country park, to my favourite little bench in the sun and I tried it.

I've done my bit Universe. Please can you now do yours.


  1. Have you REALLY exhausted all the possibilities offered within your organisation to become an accredited coach at work? If you can persuade them to put you through the course they'll bear the cost, you'll get lots of support and practice while you train - and then you can branch out on your own later, at a time and in a way of your choosing. It's got to be worth a try .... Good luck !!

  2. I'm not sure if there is anything more. I'm told they are not currently training anyone. I could wait, but then how long do you put these things off for on the chance that my organisation will start the training again. I am also concerned that my organisation may have priorities to train a different segment of staff where none of them have previously had the opportunity.

  3. The Universe will always provide - but at the time that is right for you - and provided you believe and hold faith that if it is right, it will happen. Try on simple things first like asking for a specific parking space on a busy Saturday afternoon, and then don't put it down to coincidence, but celebrate and give thanks!