Friday, 4 June 2010

Sunshine in the rain

At the end of my holiday I had a touch of the blues. I was sat in my favourite spot in all the world (well one of them). It was the bay window of holiday cottage that we often use. It had just finished raining and the sun had come out. The whole world had a new sparkliness to it. I'm sad because it may be the last time I sit in that window. We may now have access to the cottage again. I may never sit in that window - watching the world go by - again.

At the same time I'm happy too. Just as the sun comes out smiling after the tears of the rain. We've had a great week. We've tested the boundaries of friendship and survived. In fact we've strengthened it with shared and interesting experiences. We're going out for a nice meal tonight and I'm looking forward to reliving the week.

Tomorrow we go home. And whilst I'm sad to leave, I'm happy about that too. I'm going home with lots of wonderful memories. But there's also a well known saying (well at least in our house) :-

"Home is where the dog is"

He no longer comes to the lakes, he no longer has the energy to do the walks we do. And I can't wait to see him.

Home is also where I can sit in the garden and write, with Hubby working away and he doesn't mind that he's getting the hard work.

Home is where we have a pair of magpies nesting in our tree.

Home is where there is a garden full of weeds and a sink full of washing up - but do you know what? I don't care because home is a great place to be.


  1. And i'm never happier than at that time too.

  2. what a nice post buddy, home sweet home as there is no place like home, isn't that right buddy??? btw, how about link exchange??? I'm waiting :)