Friday, 11 June 2010

I don't believe it!!!!!!!

Last week at work I took Special friends advice. "Ask the universe for the £3,000 I need for my course. So I did.

And what happened??

Well, a bag of money hasn't exactly fallen from the sky and landed in front of me, however I am beginning to work on a few strategies to make in roads into my financial target.

For instance, my bank has made a mess of a standing order and paid £50 in compensation. Thank you bank. It also appears that my old mobile phone is worth £60 so I am going to sell that.

Only another £2890 to go.


  1. This is a sign that things are moving in the right direction. The thing we have limited control over is timing, as the Universe knows the best time for us, better than we do. Now, I gotta go as I need £5K for a course myself!

  2. P.S. You asked for this by June. Did you specify what year??? !!!

  3. good luck to you- definitely in the right direction