Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Fantastic feedback

Best Man Friend emailed me today. I opened the email with eager anticipation. Could he possibly have worked on all the feelings I gave him and produced a logo already?

No! I guess it was a bit much to think it would be possible to do in less than 24 hours. We haven't even had a chat about it yet.

But what I did get was much better. A fabulous glowing email about my blog. Comments about how well written it is, what fantastic subject matter and how alive it is.

Its fantastic feedback - I'm honoured that he has taken the time to read it from start to end and has said he will comment retrospectively. What a friend!


  1. hope the encouragement spurs you on to great things X

  2. Hey! It works both ways! Friendship is a two-way street. Actually, in our case, it's a leafy country lane with squirrel signs! :-) BMF X