Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Backing Young Britain - Mentoring

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I've signed up for a scheme at work. Its a government backed scheme called Backing Young Britain - Mentoring. Mentoring wasn't something I am inspired to get into, but I'd not ruled it out, the skill sets are similar to coaching AND work are covering my time to do it. What have I got to loose?

So I got a free day out of the office, away from my desk and attending the day's training.  I felt really inspired as a result.  The scheme is to help 18-24 year-olds get work.  Some of these young adults have little or no confidence, lost all motivation etc. etc.  There are currently over 7,000 waiting to be matched to mentors.  I can't wait to get started with mine.

An yes, before you ask, I do have some doubts.  What if I get the one that's not interested, or is abusive or argumentative.  - I'll just have to call it a challenge.

Took the bank to task again.  They'd not properly sorted out the problem they'd caused.  They've very kindly paid me another £50 in compensation.  I'll add that to my course fund.

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