Thursday, 1 July 2010

Oh Great I'm a Hippo!

Had my half-year appraisal at work which enabled me to have a frank discussion with Boss.I was able to explain to him that I have no aspirations at work beyond my current role, and for the first time ever it felt OK not to have aspirations of promotion. This will allow me to start my coaching business and gain fulfilment from helping others. Frankly I don't get any fulfilment from staring at databases and spreadsheets all day. I love my job because it challenges my mind, pays well and offers me some flexible working. That's not fulfilment!

He described me as a "good solid analyst" - I think that's his clumsy way of complimenting me. Personally I'd have used words like reliable and consistent, but he doesn't find giving praise easy so I graciously accept whatever he offers.

By the way I googled Good and Solid - the image is what I found. Oh great I'm a Hippo!


  1. Mud, mud, glorious mud!!!!! I have one just like you! :-) FMB X

  2. OMGosh, not just a hippo, but a hippo's backside! :-0 !!!