Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My house is a pig sty but I don't care - I'm bowled over.

Yipee - its Friday - and I'm off! (remember there's a slight time lag on my blog - otherwise you'll be starting your weekends early).

After running around doing a few jobs to try and stop my house looking totally like a pig sty, I reply to an email I received yesterday. The email took me a little by surprise. A nice surprise! Its great to know there are some generous people out there.

I've been contacted by a fellow coach. I don't want to name her and embarrass her, but she was drawn to my blog and me as a result of a number of similarities, particularly around our profiles and as a result wants to help me.

Its help I disparately need. She has her own coaching business and is further forward than I am in. I know nothing of setting up a business.

Hubby was very sceptical and made me google her and her business, her web designer in fact anything he could think of to verify that she is genuine and she is. I'm bowled over.

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