Friday, 16 July 2010

Time Flies (when you're having fun)

Time is simply flying at the moment. I keep putting off writing my journal (the very thing that feeds my blog) - so if I'm not careful I will end up posting blank pages!!!

Yesterday I met Best Friend for lunch. She seemed really positive which is fantastic so her depression is possibly under control. We chatted and it was as if nothing had happened. This might work for her, however I need to understand more fully what went wrong. It feels like there's a void there. Perhaps with a little normality and time she may share with me some of her darker times.

Best Man Friend and I had a good chat too - about Logos. He's given me tonnes to think about. I hadn't considered how much thought goes into designing a logo and business image - guess that's why I'm training to be a life coach not a graphic designer. I had thought I was almost there - and despite everything else I've chosen this great name - Green Shoots - and I'm now wondering if it is unique enough to stand out on its own on the internet.

Am faced with another choice. Do I
      Sit it out as Green Shoots or Green Shoots Life Coaching (as opposed to Green Shoots Coaching) and  hope I can create a big enough footprint for myself?
      Am I risking loosing both my business identity, her business identity and some of my business in the process?



  1. mmmh- honest opinion. I think Green Shoots Life coaching is the way forward. I like the gardening analagy but you need to make sure that people don't think that is what you actually do. Good luck with it- it is certainly more involved than it looks this design and logo business.

  2. I agree with LJ! You don't want people ringing you up to plant their petunias :-)

    Good luck with it all x

  3. Unfortunately, your graphic designer can't offer you an instant solution to your dilemma. However, rest assured that, whatever you decide, he will do his very best to give you a fresh, contemporary and instantly recognisable identity/logo, that is at once worthy and reflective of the talent and skills you undoubtedly possess. XFB M