Monday, 5 July 2010

See, I do know how to make a decision

Wasdale is still gloriously sunny. I've not really given Barefoot Coaching any more thought, apart from every time I kick off my shoes and walk barefoot across the grass outside my tent. Maybe I've done all the thinking that I need to do. Either way my whole experience with them has been a positive one. Every time I think about New-U I get doubts. As I've said before they're a great company and I am sure their training will give me a skill set I can use as a coach, but it doesn't feel the way that I feel when I think of Barefoot. And I always said the training had to feel right.

Then their is all the stuff about the ICF accreditation and the lack of transparency around this. I just don't know what I'd be up against. So there it is. Day 2 in the Green shoots tent and my mind is made up - Barefoot it is. They've proven they can deliver. In a horse race I'd always back the dead cert.

Now I can go back to enjoying my last 2 days of Lakeland pleasure.


  1. Good to hear you are having a good time here in the Lakes and that you are settling on some good decisions X

  2. Thanks Jo - unfortunately I am back home now and missing the lakes! (there's a week or so delay on my blog at the moment as I have so much to write about!!!!!!!!

  3. In my horse race I always back the three-legged donkey! Beautiful picture of a very special place - and an evocative description of life under canvas that almost makes me wish I was there... :-)

    Or in a B&B.

    BFX M