Friday, 30 July 2010

Is camping worth it?

I've seen some beautiful castles, fabulous sunsets, vast expanses of sand, huge blue skies.

We've had very heavy showers, blustery winds - worth it? YES

We have been allocated the darkest corner of the campsite that is in shadow every evening when everyone else is BBQing in the early evening sunlight. Worth it? - YES

Take the 4 1/2 hour journey to Seahouses and looking forward to the same back again, followed by the struggle with what felt like an oversized kite for over an hour as we erected the tent. Worth it? - YES.

Open up the tent one morning only to be showered "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" style by earwigs who'd decided that our tent would provide great shelter from the elements. Even now I shudder. But yes, even that WAS worth it.

I've forgotten everything else for 5 days. Even my NLP workbook got pushed to one side.

Camping really is a great way to get away from it all.

Here's a great place to stay.

Best Man Friend and Special Friend bought me this book for my birthday.  Its a fabulous representation of the area.

The Northumberland Coast


  1. Camping. Have never tried it and never will. I can talk myself out of it in less than thirty seconds. It's the lack of a flush toilet that I can't deal with ( i.e- having to walk to the toilet block in the middle of the night). And the insects, and the uncomfortable bed... and no room service?
    No- never. Nothing will ever entice.

  2. Jo - I couldn't agree more! Comfy bed, warm clothes, my own loo (that I don't have to walk to), hot shower (that I don't have to share - unless I choose to), radiators, a roof, a carpet, my luggage unpacked and organised, somewhere for all my 'stuff' - and a fabulous full English breakfast every morning. Cooked by someone else. FBX M

  3. 'scuse me - but we actually have a roof and a carpet, and somewhere for all our stuff. Seriously you two are missing out. But each to their own. If everyone wanted to camp then the campsites would be fully booked.



    Oh and a note to FBX M - if you think you're getting a cooked breakfast next weekend - then think again.

  4. Sounds fab, Snowdrop! I'll look out for that book too. Came here via Jo's blog. :)

  5. Nooooo Jo that is so the WRONG answer!!! Mr Man tentatively took his first wary steps inside a tent this year after much persuasion by me, and, after reading your post has DECIDED it will be his last!

  6. Hello, I came from Jo too! You were just up the road a bit from me. Northumberland is a beautiful place to see - pity most people think it's at the end of the earth!
    We have just been camping for the first couple of times this year. So loved reading about your exploits. Have to say we didnt have earwigs (eewww gross!)
    Will be following your blog now, I enjoy your posts.