Thursday, 22 July 2010

Looking Back - Finding My Coach

Last week I told you about my realisation - that everything that I was coaching other people about _ I needed to deal with inside me too.

My organisation is full of coaches. People who have done the same course as me – Coaching for Success and people that have done the more advanced training.

It was within days of making the decision that I need to get a coach, that I by chance ran into somebody who’d been on the Coaching for Success training course with me. She told me, she’d done the more advanced course so I seized the opportunity (something I don’t very often do).

She quickly agreed and we commenced the sessions.

I found myself doing it in secret, pretending that the coaching sessions in my diary were for coaching other people. I didn’t want to tell my boss. Boss never seemed to get his head around people stuff. He’s a real Techi, get on with stuff kind of person. It makes him very straight forward to deal with but not very good when you want something a bit more personal.

But still I could see solutions to all my problems coming together.

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