Friday, 23 July 2010

In need of a name

I need a name for my business. In a way I'm frustrated about it. I loved the concept of Green Shoots - it summed up everything -

the need for new growth, change, hope - everything you could want from a life coach.

BUT - its already in use. I knew that when I decided to use it. Its a life coaching company in York. In my heart I'd decided it didn't matter. I'd call myself Green shoots life coaching or Life Coaching at Green Shoots. But now my head has taken control. Reality has come into play. If I'm Green Shoots, then anyone looking for my coaching service could get confused with the existing Green Shoots. That won't help me. I'd set out to get clarity and a uniqueness about my business. I can't do that if there are two of us.

So here I am - my blog Green Shoots won't change. But my website and business when I set them up will be called something different. And perhaps that's right. It will represent a new chapter in my life and Green Shoots (blog) is a stepping stone. So, new chapter, new name. But what?

So, get your thinking caps on people. And even if you don't normally comment, please please please take the time to suggest a name to me. But remember, it needs to reflect positive things, goals, hope, new beginnings, health, life, new steps etc etc etc.

I look forward to reading all your suggestions.



  1. Can't get used to this time delay! You know my thoughts! :-) XBM F

  2. Pheonix Coaching - rise form the ashes?

    Consensus Coaching - Turn your thoughts into reality?

    Kreate Coaching - Create your own reality?